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God's Invisible Hand

Author(s): Patrick F. OConnell

ISBN13: 9781586171353

ISBN10: 1586171356

Publisher: IGNATIUS PRESS ($)

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  • Cardinal Arinze, the first African prelate to head a major Vatican office, tells his amazing life story growing up in Nigeria, and how he was guided by "Gods invisible hand" through many challenging and dangerous moments, to become one of the worlds leading Catholic prelates, and one of the top candidates for Pope in the recent papal conclave. In the style of the popular book length interviews done by Cardinal Ratzinger (Salt of the Earth, God & the World), Arinze responds to a host of wide ranging questions from journalist Gerard OConnell. Arinze talks about his life and experiences growing up in Nigeria, becoming the worlds youngest Bishop, being on the run during the Nigerian civil war, and as an outspoken Cardinal who led the way for inter-religious dialogue with non-Christian religions, particularly Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus. The charismatic Cardinal, also tells about his years of working inside the Vatican under three different Popes, and of his close relationship with John Paul II. Arinze and John Paul worked together on various important projects and documents that have had an impact on the Church and the African culture.

  • Patrick F. OConnell

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God's Invisible Hand