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God On the Go: NRSV Bible on USB Flash Drive

Author(s): Mark Mastroianni

ISBN13: 9780879464523

ISBN10: 0879464526


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  • God on-the-Go is a Bible on a USB flash drive. That means that you can take Scripture with you wherever you go simply by plugging this device into your computer. Anyone who wants to keep Scripture close, but doesnt want to carry a heavy book everywhere, will love this handy little device.

    Perfect gift for students, teachers, ministers, and laity at home and work
    Includes a verse/subject index
    Interactive, bookmark your favorite passages
    This version includes the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) Catholic Edition of the complete Bible, which offers full topic search capability so users can type in any word or phrase and see everywhere their search item appears in the Bible! Users can also bookmark those passages with significant, personal meaning and even go directly to the daily readings on the website for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

    Simply plug this device into your PC and you can experience holy Scripture as never before. And with over 90% of the storage on the 2 GB USB flash drive still available, you can also use this device to carry other important files, songs and video.

    God on-the-Go is now fully compatible with Macs and PCs!

    What is God on-the-Go?
    Your Typical USB Flash Drive: 90% of the capacity of this device is free space so you can also use it to carry other important files, songs and videos.

    Your Bible: This device holds every book, chapter and verse you would find in a print version of the Bible. The NAB edition even includes all the footnotes.

    Your Daily Reading Bible: This device can take you directly to the daily readings on the USCCB website (internet connection required).

    Your Faith Topic Study Aide: This device indexes the Bible based on a wide array of topics important to many. Its your digital spiritual advisor.

    Your Personalized Bible Flags and Tags: This device allows you to bookmark your favorite passages for quick reference anytime you use it.

    Your 5-Gram Source for Spiritual Strength: Carry this with you anywhere and it into any computer USB port.

    Three Reasons Why You Should Use God on-the-G
    1. Portability - Never lug around a heavy Bible again. This flash drive fits in the palm of your hand.

    2. Being Green - No trees are cut down to produce God on-the-Go and all electronics used comply with European RoHS standards.

    3. Ease of Use - No more rifling through thousands of thin pages (that always seem to stick together) just to find a single verse. Instead, locate Scripture passages easily with only a few clicks.
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God On the Go: NRSV Bible on USB Flash Drive

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