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God Help Me! This Stress Is Driving Me Crazy!

Finding Balance Through God's Grace

Author(s): Gregory Popcak

ISBN13: 9780824525989

ISBN10: 0824525981


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  • A Christian approach to lessening stress and managing it more effectively is delivered with good humor and compassion in this supportive guide. Distilling years of counseling experience and a wealth of stress management training, it offers easily understood and implemented techniques that will work wonders for Catholics and other Christians who struggle with tension and frustration in their daily lives. Methods for using the sacraments, prayer, scripture, and medallions or icons to center the mind and focus intention are offered to those seeking relief from anxiety and despair, whether due to the many little stressors of daily life or more extreme tests of faith. Checklists, quizzes, and questionnaires serve as reality checks and reminders of Gods love and point the way to putting things in perspective.

  • Gregory Popcak

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    Overcoming anxiety is more than a possible dream; it is a central tenet of Christian spirituality, writes Gregory Popcak, a professional counselor. In God Help Me! This Stress Is Driving Me Crazy: Finding Balance Through Gods Grace, Popcak draws on psychology and Roman Catholic tradition to help readers who are struggling with worry and pain. Popcak writes well and clearly, weaving his counselees composite stories in with his own experiences (particularly gripping is the story of one annus horribilis when his family faced grave illness and terrible financial trouble). He provides concrete spiritual tools (e.g., using icons and medallions, or partaking of the sacraments of Eucharist, confession and anointing the sick) to remind readers of Gods love for them and His power over their troubles.

    - Publishers Weekly

    An intelligent mixture of psychology and spiritual insight."

    - Dr. Paul C. Vitz, Professor of Psychology, NYU


God Help Me! This Stress Is Driving Me Crazy!

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