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Author(s): Bertrand Russell

ISBN13: 9781903019238

ISBN10: 1903019230


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  • Consistently one of our top sellers. It is hard to estimate the overall sales of this title, as for many years the book was in public domain in the USA (the worldwide copyright is now held by John Hunt Publishing Ltd). But sales have been at least 6 million worldwide, maybe twice that. It still sells over 100,000 copies a year in English.

    The origins of this title have appeared shrouded in mystery over the years, leading to speculation in the Christian book trade that the authors were dabbling in spiritualism, or worse, accusations for which there is not the slightest evidence. As a result many Christian bookshops have not stocked it (and still maintain that policy).

    Which is a shame, as there can be little doubt that over the last couple of generations it has helped hundreds of thousands of readers come closer to God.

    The two authors were ladies with a deep Christian faith, one an Anglican, one a Roman Catholic, and retired school teachers. They were good friends of many years standing. They both developed cancer in the 1930s, and were in some distress. Inspired by a book they had been given called For Sinners Only by A. J. Russell, a London journalist, they began to practice what he suggested-the idea of listening to God in daily silence and jotting down the thoughts given to them at that time. They found the practice invaluable, and wrote to Mr Russell thanking him for his suggestion and enclosing some of the inspired thoughts given them.

    Mr Russell took the next train to Birmingham, seeing this as a perfect example of the practice he recommended. He asked their permission to compile and edit a book using what God had given them. At his urging they finally agreed but did not wish their names to be used. So the book was first published in England under the title; God Calling: by Two Listeners, with an introduction by Mr Russell.

    The copyright in the book was eventually passed to Arthur James Russell, who went on to found Arthur James Ltd. the authors died in the 1940s and late 1960s.

    Those who have suffered pain and worry know how hard it is to write of serenity within. The message of comfort and hpe that breathes through the pages of God Calling was forged out of adversity, and as a result has touched the hearts of millions, making this one of the bestselling devotional books of all time.
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