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God According to God

A Physicist Proves We've Been Wrong About God All

Author(s): Gerald Schroeder

ISBN13: 9780061710155

ISBN10: 0061710156

Publisher: Veritas

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  • In a revolutionary approach combining Biblical study and scientific inquiry, a popular scientist presents the culmination of decades of research to explore the force he has never been able to define-the unmoved mover behind it all. Through in depth examination of the Bible as well as a scientific exploration of nature, Schroeder presents the case for a living, changing God who is still learning how to relate to creation. Schroeder retranslates the key Exodus verse that is typically translated "I am that which I am," revealing that it should be "I will be that which I will be," which describes a continually changing, dynamic presence.

    With chapters on subjects such as how to understand a God who "regrets," why God wants us to argue with him, why nature rebels, and much more, we ultimately learn how to become partners with God in his creation. Sure to provoke much controversy and debate, God According to God offers a radical paradigm shift in the ongoing debate between science and religion.

  • Gerald Schroeder

    GERALD L. SCHROEDER is the author of The Science of God, The Hidden Face of God, and Genesis and the Big Bang. He earned his Ph.D. at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology before moving to laboratories at the Weizmann Institute, the Hebrew University, and the Volcani Research Institute in Israel. His work has been reported in Time, Newsweek, Scientific American and in leading newspapers around the world. An applied theologian, he currently teaches at Aish HaTorah College of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem.

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    This is as important a book on this subject as I recall ever having read.

    - Huston Smith, author of The Worlds Religions

    "Schroeders insights help explore mankinds relationship with God in an entirely new and thought-provoking manner."

    - Rabbi Heschel Weiner, director, Walder Science Laboratory and Learning Center

    "A brilliant mix of ancient exegesis and modern science that will convince some and infuriate others. Schroeders book demands the attention of anyone who wonders if God must be exiled from the modern, enlightened mind."

    - David J. Wolpe, author of Why Faith Matters

    "God According to God is crucially important reading for anyone interested in the interface betwen Theology and Physics. In an eminently readable fasion, Schroeder urges us to define God not in Aristotelian or even Maimonidian terms, but rather in Biblical terms, as G-d defines Himself. I found this book a ringing confirmation of my deepest feelings about the Living God of history."

    - Shlomo Riskin, Chief Rabbi of Efrat

    "Gerry Schroeder is one of a kind. Not only does he have a complete command of science but a complete command of the Biblical texts. As a result, he takes viewers on a fantastic journey that is both fun and extremely profound."

    - Simcha Jacobovici, bestselling author and award-winning filmmaker

    "It is all too rare for a scientist of international reputation to go on a journey of religious and spiritual discovery of the magnitude of Dr. Schroeders. Even more rare is for the public to be given so insightful a glimpse into the discoveries he has made along his journey. This is what Dr. Schroeder does in God According to God. Full of paradox, existential tensions, and spiritual and intellectual epiphany, the book is another gift to humanity from a scientist who is also a great man, a deep thinker, a spiritual counselor and a wonderful teacher."

    - Rabbi David Lapin

    "No one can read this book and ever think of God or how our world operates in the same way again. Schroeder has the rare ability to present complex matters, whether theological or scientific, in an engaging and understandable way. A must read."

    - Prof. James D. Tabor, Chair, Dept. of Religious Studies, UNC Charlotte, author of The Jesus Dynasty and Restoring Abrahamic Faith.

    "A remarkable tour de force, combining science, theology and biblical exegesis in a most compelling and significant way, casting a new light on how we view God and our own place within the world."

    - Jerusalem Post


God According to God

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