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A Novel

Author(s): Seamus Byrne

ISBN13: 9780954025526

ISBN10: 0954025520

Publisher: SEAN BYRNE

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  • Have you ever wondered what life was like for the early followers of the great Master Jesus?

    It was apparent from his childhood that Jesus was no ordinary human being. He was regarded by most of his contemporaries as at least a prophet. But he knew himself to be a prophet with a difference.

    As a follower of one of the most ancient of all the Mystery teachings of mankind, that transmitted through the great Babylonian Initiate Zarathustra, Jesus was destined to bring the secret, Logos wisdom of the Jews not only to fruition, but expose it on the public stage for all the world to see and partake in.

    Up to Jesus time the Jewish Kabbalistic Mysteries, as with all the Mysteries of antiquity, were kept more or less secret, and cultivated only within the holy of holies of the Temples.

    Jesus however changed all that!

    The Mystery of Calvary took place openly. As it says in the synoptic Gospels, at the moment of Jesus death, the veil of the Temple was torn in two. Yet at the beginning only a few witnessed the great Event. Although Jesus had gained a large following due to the quality of His teaching, His personality, and His healing power, the vast majority of these followers had withdrawn their interest and support once they began to realize that their hope for a worldly king was not to be found in Him.

    Their confusion and disappointment quickly turned to hatred, and Jesus was then crucified as a common criminal.

    Initiates of the old Mysteries could perform miracles and do many wondrous deeds. After their initiation however they would normally work secretly , known to the living and the dead as special ones certainly, but special among many others. The difference with Jesus was that he was publicly known to have risen from the dead.

    His Deed quickly became an open secret. This knowledge, this word of the Risen One went out all over Palestine from Jerusalem like a blinding light. Soon the Risen One gathered a new following that grew steadily as the years passed. He moved among His followers as a really living Being.

    This light of the Risen One was the light of The Gnosis. But it was a light that did not last very long. After about 200 years it faded.

    The first Christians had a deep knowledge and awareness of the Risen One. They formed closely-knit house-communities, held Eucharistic celebrations around the Sacred Vessel or the Grail Cup, and organized themselves in a free spirit of pure, selfless love - agape. But it was a movement that by its very purity and simplicity was open to all kinds of abuse and exploitation. Rome was the chief orchestrator of this exploitation.

    This book tells the story of one young man who became very famous because he tried to keep alive the purity of the divine light of The Gnosis which Rome was doing its best, during his lifetime, to destroy. The young mans name is Origen.

    Origen has since become known as a famous theologian or better said, a Christian philosopher. Because of his writings, he is, paradoxically, regarded as one of the founding Fathers of Christianity; but in his own day he was a declared heretic. The reasons for this are clearly outlined in this book.

    Origen battled heroically against the forces of evil that were trying to destroy the light of The Gnosis. These were psychic and occult forces emanating from many places, both inside himself and outside. The story goes that he even castrated himself in order to be able to give himself more fully to loving Jesus rather than anyone or anything else! The book details this struggle carefully.

    This spiritual love story comes to life vibrantly in the pages of this important and deeply inspired book. It gives profound insight into the early part of the Christian movement which was imbued with the Gnostic light of the Holy Grail.

    The book not only brings to life an ancient past but points prophetically to a future in which the pure light of the Risen One is destined slowly to reappear in our dangerously darkened world.

  • Seamus Byrne

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