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Glory, paperback

ISBN13: 9780802852915

ISBN10: 0802852912

Publisher: W.B.Eerdmans

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  • A poem which calls upon all creatures to give glory and praise to the Creator.
  • Nancy White Carlstrom

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    Carlstrom explains how fish, fowl, and furry creatures all celebrate God in unique ways. Beetles dance, the untamed roar their praise, and some beasts "sing to God in silence." Jenkinss double-page that spreads arc animals against a brilliant band of red paint are a jolly match for the authors blissful poem of thanksgiving. A realistically painted, pony-tailed girl occasionally counterpoints the flow of yellow toads, blue panthers, and pink giraffes that honor the Creator "by their being." This unusual prayer will please animal fans, and serves as a gentle reminder of how good it feels to be alive.

    - School Library Journal

    Ages 4-7. A wide swath of red tumbles across golden pages, a showcase for the birds, insects, and animals that this book celebrates: "Glory to God for fluttering wings / for chickadees and butterflies / that dot the skies / like words." With each turn of the page new creatures are introduced, those with "gills and fins . . . quick fish in bold design," and later, "and not the least of these / are beasts / who sing to God in silence." The animals are a fantasy of color (a green cow, blue ducks, purple rabbits); in counterpoint is a young girl, painted with photographic clarity, who appears in every few spreads. In her black leotard, she injects a note of reality - and fun - as she dons rabbit ears or a lions mask. This is a jumble, but a lovely one. Glorious words and whimsical art leave children with a sense of the exhilaration that comes with the knowledge of creation.

    - Ilene Cooper, Booklist


Glory, paperback