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Globalization, Spirituality, & Justice

Author(s): Daniel Groody

ISBN13: 9781570756962

ISBN10: 1570756961

Publisher: ORBIS BOOKS

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  • Set against the context of globalization, a compelling vision of the nexus between spirituality and work for justice.

    Globalization, Spirituality, and Justice offers a rigorously critical, and yet inspiring, vision of justice as an integral part of Christian spirituality in our complex, globalized world. At the same time, Daniel Groodys analysis draws on the conviction that faith and spirituality have an integral role in the struggle to achieve a more just social order.

    Specially designed for the classroom, this text will help all readers understand the facts and values from which a just world must be fashioned. In his nine chapters, Groody introduces readers to the core of the biblical worldview, the Christian message on justice and human liberation in its historical context, and the challenge of Catholic social teaching.

    Daniel G. Groody is a Holy Cross priest and assistant professor of theology and director of the Institute for Latino Studies at the University of Notre Dame. A veteran of many years of work along the U.S., Mexican border, Fr. Groody is author of Border of Death, Valley of Life: An Immigrant Journey of Heart and Faith.
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    Clearly demonstrates how action on behalf of justice has and must always be a constitutive element of the preaching of the Gospel.

    - New Theology Review


Globalization, Spirituality, & Justice

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