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Author(s): Robert Kelly

ISBN13: 9781853902765

ISBN10: 1853902764

Publisher: Veritas Books

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  • Sometimes we feel the increasing complexity and materialism of our world have led us away from God. We feel insecure in our faith. At times like these it is important to remember that the heart of our fiath is Jesus Christ, a person who offers a salvation which can be deeply experienced, especially when the neat solutions to the complex problems of life may elude us.

    Fr Robert Kelly, author of So You Think Nobody Loves You?, explains that spiritual growth does not require moral perfection , we can grow in faith and holiness even while beset by doubts, ambiguities and uncertainties. If we put our trust in God, if we see our spiritual life as building a personal relationship with God , as revealed by Jesus, our friend , we will no longer feel discouraged and will see that we are accepted as we are. If we give God a chance, his constant love and care will heal our weakness and lead us into love.

  • Robert Kelly

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