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Author(s): Drews Toby Rice

ISBN13: 9780961599515

ISBN10: 0961599510


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    This book poured out of me..I grew up in an alcoholic family. As an adult, I found nice men boring. I felt at home with an alcoholic. And I was devastated by them. I felt it hard to leave...and hard to stay. I found myself in the helping professions: no accident; most of us are from alcoholic families. Were drawn to, feel comfortable around, dysfunction. I loved to feel needed; I felt guilty when I wasnt doing for others all the time...and when I looked for books that helped, I only found those that said What I Should Do...and I felt frozen. I couldnt do any of those things because I was too afraid of being abandoned by the alcoholic; as I said in my book, "I was afraid of being rejected by a reject." When well-meaning people told me to leave and I couldnt, I was ashamed; when they said to pack my bags..heck, I was too afraid to even not cook and bring in pizza! (I wanted to please him and find some way to help so hed stay and be nice). If you relate to this, I do believe my books will help you. I KNOW they will if you are involved with an alcoholic. And if you make the changes suggested, the alcoholic will have an 80% better chance to get sober. Dear Abby and Dr. Norman Vincent Peale and Melody Beattie endorsed this book that has sold over a million copies by word of mouth. What is the difference between the four volumes of Getting Them Sober? Volume one has hundreds of suggestions for sobriety and recovery. Vol. 2 has even more. Vol. 3 (half of the book) describes, in detail, the 350 secondary diseases to alcoholism. Getting Them Sober, Volume Four is all about separation decisions and how to get emotionally detached from the verbal abuse, whether you stay or whether you leave; it also has sections on intervention and custody of children.
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