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Gagging Jesus

Author(s): Philip Moore

ISBN13: 0857214535


Extent: 128 pages

Binding: Paperback

Size: 6.9 x 4.3 x 0.5 inches

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  • Here are short pithy chapters explaining what Jesus had to say on a variety of topics - stress, possessions, family, hell, pornography, popularlity, world religions, sex and more. "Jesus of Nazareth wasn't afraid to tell it like it is," says Phil Moore. "


    Those who claim to follow him, on the other hand, often are. If we're not careful, we can settle for a tamed and domesticated Jesus, a Jesus of our own making. "That's why this book was written. If you always suspected that Jesus wasn't crucified for acting politely, then you will love it.


    It consists of thirteen short, punchy chapters which present Jesus in all his outrageous glory."

  • Philip Moore

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    Original, shrewd and thought-provoking. -- R T Kendall "Whether you are a believer or merely a curious sceptic, this book will help you to discover Jesus as he really is." -- Sandy Millar, co-founder of The Alpha Course "In his distinctively provocative way, Phil Moore presents to us Jesus in full colour.


    Just like the Jesus it describes, you won't find it boring." -- Andrew Wilson - Author of "If God, Then What?" "What a book! It unleashes the most extraordinary figure in history. After reading it you will love him or hate him, but you will never be the same." -- PJ Smyth - GodFirst Church, Johannesburg, South Africa "This short book is downright dangerous! It demands attention.


    Prepare to be shocked, undone, and put back together again." -- Greg Haslam - Senior Pastor, Westminster Chapel, London, UK


Gagging Jesus

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