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From the Beginning to Baptism

Author(s): Linda Jaye Gibler

ISBN13: 9780814656730

ISBN10: 0814656730


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  • In From the Beginning to Baptism, Linda Gibler takes readers on a journey from the depths of space and the beginning of time through sacred Scripture and church history to discover the origins and creative power of water, oil, and fire. She traces the lives of those elemental entities through their cosmic history, to the point at which they are poured over the head and light the way of one being baptized. These elemental sources of all life are the substances through which new life in Christ begins in the sacrament of baptism. The journey through space and time, through the birth of the Universe and of life, and Gibler s reflections on this drama, help readers to enter into the cosmocentric spirituality at the heart of all things. No one who reads this book will ever again look at a of water, an olive, or a candle with the same eyes.
  • Linda Jaye Gibler

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From the Beginning to Baptism

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