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From Patmos to Paradise: John's Vision of Hope

Author(s): Antony Alaharasan

ISBN13: 9780809145898

ISBN10: 0809145898


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  • Many people avoid reading the Book of Revelation. It just seems too frightening. It is filled with blaring thunder, strange beasts, mayhem and death. Indeed, Revelation describes a brutal adversary that is in utter rebellion against the good and seduces many to turn from the truth and embrace the darkness. But Fr. Antony Alaharasan shows that the book is full of love, hope, mercy and spectacular insight into the wonders of heaven. Indeed, Fr. Antony manages to convey a sense of the ecstasy that John was caught up in when he experienced the vision and gives us a hint of what God has in store for us who love him. John, the disciple whom Jesus loved, authored the fourth Gospel, two epistles and the Book of Revelation also known as the Apocalypse. Because St. John wrote Revelation from his exile on the island of Patmos, Fr. Antony visited Patmos to view first hand the cave where John was imprisoned and the magnificent monastery built ten centuries ago to honor of this great saint.

    Fr. Antony Alaharasan was born and raised in Sri Lanka, educated in India and at Harvard University. He now resides in North Stonington, Connecticut, where he is pastor of St. Thomas More Church. Father Antony has written several books on religion, philosophy, and literature. He is the author of Home of the Assumption: Reconstructing Marys Life in Ephesus and Tales from the Heart: The Art of Living for Young and Old.

  • Antony Alaharasan

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From Patmos to Paradise: John's Vision of Hope

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