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From Exorcism to Ecstacy


Author(s): Russell Haitch

ISBN13: 9780664230005

ISBN10: 0664230008

Publisher: Westminster/John Knox Press

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  • Surveying the views on baptism of eight of historys most influential theologians, Russell Haitch expertly explains the development and bases for the varieties of interpretation and practice of this holy sacrament throughout modern Christianity. First identifying the guiding motif in each of these foundational perspectives, Haitch ably and accessibly demonstrates how each yields unique theological and practical implications for Christian belief and life.
    Engaging the work Thomas Aquinas, Karl Barth, John Calvin, Martin Luther, Aimee Semple McPherson, Alexander Schmemann, John Wesley, and John Howard Yoder, Haitch illuminates the differences between Eastern Orthodox, Anabaptist, Roman Catholic, Anglican, Methodist, Lutheran, Reformed, neo-orthodox, and Pentecostal traditions.
  • Russell Haitch

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From Exorcism to Ecstacy

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