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Friday Penance

Why Catholics Do Not Eat Mean on Fridays

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ISBN13: 9781860827792

ISBN10: 1860827799

Publisher: Catholic Truth Society

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  • Friday penance has a long history within the Catholic Church that is explained in this leaflet. 

    In September 2011, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales re-established the practice of abstinence from meat on Fridays. This is part of a rediscovery of traditions that go right back to the first-century Christians, and which helps us remember in a special way the day on which Jesus died. 

    This tradition of penance is clearly set out and further explained in a short and readable way in this leaflet.
    • Why is Friday a day of Penance? 
    • Why do Catholics abstain from meat on Fridays? 
    • How can you make the most of your Friday prayer ?
    Understanding Catholic practice 

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Friday Penance

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