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Forward in Hope: Saying Amen to Lay Ecclesial Ministry

Author(s): Matthew H. Clark

ISBN13: 9781594711916

ISBN10: 1594711917


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  • Currently in the U.S., there are over 30,000 lay ecclesial ministers serving the Catholic Church, and another 16,000 studying in ministry formation programs - nearly five times the number of men preparing for ordination to the priesthood. A long-time advocate of lay ecclesial ministry, Bishop Matthew Clark offers his vast theological knowledge and engaging stories from years of ministry to make this an informative and accessible read for anyone called to leadership in todays Catholic Church. Forward in Hope examines the ever-growing significance of lay ecclesial ministry and the way it is changing the face of the Church.

  • Matthew H. Clark

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    Brings to life what Pope Benedict says about the laity being co-responsible with priests in the life of a parish.

    - Rev. John E. Hurley, C.S.P.
    Executive Director, National Pastoral Life Center

    "Every parishioner should read this highly intelligent and inspiring book, which chronicles an exciting development within our church, lay ecclesial ministry."

    - Karen Sue Smith
    Editorial Director, America

    Amen! This book ought to be required reading in every seminary, diocesan office, and ministry program. With the heart of a pastor and three decades of experience fostering the gifts of the baptized, Bishop Clark celebrates the call of lay ecclesial ministers and challenges the whole Church to move forward in hope.

    - Edward P. Hahnenberg, Ph.D
    Author of Ministries: A Relational Approach

    Here we meet a courageous bishop, well grounded in the history of the Church, fully aware of the challenges of the present moment, and yet hopeful about the emerging future. Clark prods his fellow bishops, but also allof us, to welcome with open arms one of the most significant movements of the Spirit in our time.

    - Ann M. Garrido,
    Author, A Concise Guide to Supervising a Ministry Student

    In this inspiring volume a bishop and his people offer a remarkable testimony to the work of the Spirit in the recovery of a form of ministry that goes back to the very origins of the church. Bishop Clark eloquently demonstrates the possibility of a fruitful collaboration between ordained and lay ecclesial ministry in the service of the Church.

    - Richard R. Gaillardetz, Ph.D.
    Murray/Bacik Professor of Catholic Studies, University of Toledo

    Forward in Hope is an example of how theological reflection and the test of experience shows the value of time, which has allowed the seeds of Vatican II to sprout beautifully where they have been watered by the Holy Spirit. The growth has not been uniform or even universal and, in some parts of the church, it has been met with reluctance and even opposition. The book is excellent and needed.

    - Bishop Anthony G. Bosco, Bishop Emeritus, Greensburg, Pennsylvania


Forward in Hope: Saying Amen to Lay Ecclesial Ministry

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