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For The Love of God

Author(s): Anthea Dove

ISBN13: 9780281058389

ISBN10: 0281058385

Publisher: Society for Promoting Christian

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  • Most of us who are Christians believe, with our minds if not always with our hearts, that God loves us. But what sort of response do we make to this generous love?

    Do we include God in all areas of our lives? Do we find him in the small ordinary things that happen to us? This book seeks to explore different ways of embracing the love which God bestows on us so freely. The title is deliberately ambiguous - while some of the meditations are focused on Gods love for us, the greater part of them are concerned with our love for him, which may be creatively expressed in many different ways.
  • Anthea Dove

    Anthea Dove lives with her husband near the sea in North Yorkshire. A former teacher, she has written many Christian books, leads retreats and quiet days, and has a strong commitment to working for social justice and ecumenism.

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For The Love of God

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