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Follow Your Dream, revised

Author(s): Peter Hannan

ISBN13: 9781856076159

ISBN10: 1856076156


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  • What guides a tiny acorn as it grows, slowly and surely, into a majestic oak? Peter Hannan SJ talks of the dream in the acorn, a dream which is there from the beginning and which naturally and undramatically guides this wonderful transformation. Each one of us, too, has a built-in dream, a plan of God for our happiness, that we may have life and have it in abundance. The difference between us and the acorn, however, is that we must take responsibility for the fulfilment of our dream. This involves befriending all those areas of our life from which we have become estranged.

    This book is about precisely that process. It offers a set of thirty exercises through which you can work at befriending, or restoring an intimacy which you may have lost, with your inmost self, with God, with others, and with the whole of creation.
  • Peter Hannan

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Follow Your Dream, revised

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