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Flagging the Therapy

Pathways Out of Depression and Anxiety

Author(s): Harry Barry

ISBN13: 9781907593147

ISBN10: 1907593144

Publisher: Liberties Press

Extent: 352 pages

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  • Flagging the Therapy: Pathways Out of Depression and Anxiety follows on from Dr Barry's best-selling book, Flagging the Problem, which was in the Top 5 following its publication in 2007. 


    As Irish society undergoes rapid change and we face perhaps the bleakest economic conditions in modern memory, it is not surprising that the issue of mental health has become more prominent and somewhat more openly discussed. The problems of depression and anxiety seem to be the most prevalent with often debilitating effects on the sufferers and their families. However, in many cases, these afflictions can be treated and risks of recurrence significantly reduced. 


    Applying a system which uses colour-coded flags for various mental states and problems, Dr Barry explains the role our minds and brains play in the manifestation of depression and anxiety, and how these in turn can be shaped to lead us out of illness. The book takes a holistic view and examines the numerous medical, psychlogical and complimentary therapies that can all help in negotiating a pathway out of depression and anxiety.


    His use of fictionalised case studies makes the book both accessible and easily manageable for all readers. There are colour illustrations and extra appendices at the end of the book including information on self-help groups and resources available.

  • Harry Barry

    Dr Harry Barry is a medical doctor based in County Louth. He has a particular interest in the area of mental health and has extensive experience in his practice of dealing with issues such as depression, addiction and anxiety. 


    He regularly features on national radio and in national print to discuss mental health issues, including Today FM and The Irish Independent.


    Dr Barry was moved to write the 'Flagging' series following a particularly tragic death by suicide in a local family and is absolutely committed to seeking to counteract the disruptive effects of mental illness both locally and nationally.

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    ‘Flagging the Therapy is a wonderfully insightful book that helps people understand themselves, their anxiety and depression, and gives them the chance to embrace life again.’




Flagging the Therapy

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