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Finding Your Hidden Treasure

The Way of Silent Prayer

Author(s): Benignus ORourke

ISBN13: 9780232528077

ISBN10: 0232528071

Publisher: Darton, Longman & Todd

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  • The most important journey in life is the journey inwards, to the depths of our own being. It is a journey we are all invited to make. It takes us beyond words and images into silence. The silence allows the restless mind to become still and in the stillness we enter a new world. We return to our hearts. Here we find our true selves. We discover an ancient way of finding God that has almost become lost. Slowly, we realise that we are in union with the source of life and love itself. Our whole life changes. Our goal now is to take God's love to others in our everyday lives.
  • Benignus ORourke

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Finding Your  Hidden Treasure

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