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Finding God in All Things

Author(s): Brian Grogan

ISBN13: 9781910248010

ISBN10: 1910248010

Publisher: Messenger Publications; (18 July 2014)

Extent: 135 pages

Binding: Paperback

Size: 13.7 x 1.5 x 20.8 cm

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  • You can find God in nature, in the sky, in your own life, in prayer, in loving encounters, and even in sin and evil.


    Brian Grogan’s wise spiritual guidance will help the reader learn how to find God in every aspect of life, and how to use their discoveries to help themselves and others grow in faith.


    By taking your cues from a spirituality that helps you to find God in everything, you will see God hidden under many disguises.


    God is God of the galaxies and the inter-stellar spaces. God is also involved in the tiny interactions that go on in nature and in human living. God is at home both in the micro- and the macro-levels of reality. God has a single loving plan, which encompasses everything that exists or can exist.


    In addition to the revision of much of the original text, this new edition contains extra chapters with new material. Each chapter remains short and can easily be read in a single sitting. At the end of each chapter you will find an exercise, which will help you to enter personally into some aspect of God’s relationship with you.

  • Brian Grogan


        Brian Grogan SJ is former President of Milltown Institute of Theology and Philosophy in Dublin. He specialises in Ignatian spirituality and his books for Veritas include Alone and on Foot: Ignatius of Loyola (2009) and Where to From Here: The Christian Vision of Life After Death (2011).


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Finding God in All Things

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