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Father Peytons Pray The Rosary

Author(s): Fr. Peyton

ISBN13: 9780898709827

ISBN10: 0898709822

Publisher: IGNATIUS PRESS ($)

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  • Father Peyton, the famous preacher of the Family Rosary, whose cause for canonization is opened in Rome, provides the most complete prayer book of inspiring meditations on the mysteries of the Rosary today. Fr. Peyton gives 180 meditations on the fifteen mysteries of the Rosary, with each set of five meditations having its own theme. This thorough prayer book also includes all the Rosary prayers, tips on how to best pray it, and eleven full-color classic illustrations of Jesus and Mary. The perfect book for the "Year of the Rosary" as proclaimed by Pope John Paul II.

  • Fr. Peyton

    Fr Patrick Peyton was born on 9th January 1909 in the townland of Carracastle in Attymass parish. He was a member of a family of nine children.At the age of 19 he and his brother, Tom, emigrated to the United States to join with their sister, Nellie. His wish from boyhood was to be ordained a priest but his family in Ireland were unable to meet the cost of his education.In the United States he returned to full-time education and studied for the priesthood. During his final year in the seminary he was diagnosed as having tuberculosis. At that time tuberculosis was incurable. Fr Patrick was very weak and was given little hope by the medical team of recovering to full health. Fr Patrick had great faith and prayed to the Blessed Virgin Mary for a recovery to health. His prayers were answered and his health began to improve to the amazement of the medical profession.He was ordained to the priesthood on 15th June 1941.Fr Peyton was so grateful to the Blessed Virgin Mary for his health that he, with the permission of his superiors, began the Prayer Crusade which took him all over the world preaching the importance of prayer, especially family prayer.He staged hundreds of radio and television shows with many of the famous movie stars of Broadway and Hollywood taking part. He was the founder of "Family Rosary" and "Family Theatre".His famous slogan was:"The family that prays together, stays together."

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Father Peytons Pray The Rosary

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