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Faith of Barack Obama

Author(s): Stephen Mansfield

ISBN13: 9781595552501

ISBN10: 1595552502


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  • Discover the unapologetically Christian and liberal Barack Obama, and how he represents the changing face of religion in American politics. In The Faith of Barack Obama Stephen Mansfield presents an insightful portrait of the presidential candidate. Learn how his faith motivates him as a senator and leader in our nation.

    Youd have to live in a cave to have avoided hearing about Barack Obamas woes relating to his close relationship with the senior pastor at Trinity United Church of Christ, Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright. People question Senator Obamas ability to represent persons of all races when he attended for so long a church defined by anger toward white America.

    Fortunately, there is more to the senators faith than this one issue. As early as 2004, he delivered a powerful speech to the Democratic National Convention, taking a stand for his faith: "We worship an awesome God in the Blue States." In The Faith of Barack Obama, Stephen Mansfield explores Obamas religious faith without political or ideological bias. His basic premise is this: If a mans faith is sincere, then it is the most important thing about him. It is impossible for us to understand how Barack Obama will lead without first understanding the religious vision that informs his life.

  • Stephen Mansfield

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    As a veteran communications professional, it comes as no surprise that Mansfield commands an easygoing conversational speaking style that helps buffer some of the potentially loaded issues he chooses to tackle. While he may be best identified by his ties to the conservative evangelical community, Mansfield possesses the ability to explore divergent ideologies while acknowledging some of his personal red flags with a tone of utmost respect. Listeners in search of a definitive, comprehensive Obama spiritual biography may not find the level of dramatic new revelations they were hoping for, but Mansfield succeeds in adding thoughtful theological and political context to events and experiences. Perhaps the most captivating section involves Mansfields account of a Sunday visit to Trinity United Church of Christ, the congregation from which Senator Obama resigned his membership following publicity surrounding controversial statements by founding pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Mansfield presents an analysis of Obamas distinctly postmodern journey that will generate valuable discussion across the religious spectrum.

    - Publishers Weekly

    "You must read this perceptive and well written book. Then you will know why Barack Obama has such a passion for justice and equity, such a gift for filling people of different generations with a newfound hope that things can and will change for the better. His inspiration comes from his faith; he is an ardent believer. Yes, he is a Christian and proud of it."

    - Archbishop Desmond Tutu


Faith of Barack Obama

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