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Exploring Contemplative Prayer

Author(s): N/A

ISBN13: 9781844174942

ISBN10: 1844174948


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  • What is contemplation? How can I pray contemplatively? Is it biblical?

    This book answers these and many other questions on contemplative prayer, gives practical suggestions, and encourages the reader to try this simple yet profound way of praying, relating his or her prayer to daily living.

    Primarily for Christian lay people beset by the busy-ness of modern life, the book first deals with what contemplative prayer is, how its roots are deeply in the Churchs mystical and spiritual tradition, how it is scriptural, and how we can live contemplatively and cope with distractions, then outlines 6 exercises, each with a meditation on some words from scripture. The exercises are best undertaken in a prayer group, but can easily be adapted for individual use.

    The authors wealth of experience in ministry and spiritual direction has resulted in a persuasive exposition of contemplative prayer which will enrich our prayer life and enable us to listen to Gods Word deeply and attentively.
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    I count it a privilege to recommend this book to anyone who is experiencing within themselves a hunger to pray contemplatively. . . so much more than a book, it is a companion on the most important journey any of us will ever make - the journey deeper into God.

    - Joyce Huggett


Exploring Contemplative Prayer

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