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Every Pilgrim's Guide To Lourdes

Author(s): Sally Martin

ISBN13: 9781853116278

ISBN10: 1853116270


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  • Every Pilgrims Guides combine a mix of practical information for travellers, the history and background of the places featured, plus devotional commentary, prayers and readings appropriate for pilgrims today. Lourdes is universally known throughout the Catholic world and many hundreds of pilgrimage groups visit each year from Britain and Ireland. This new volume gives a detailed A-Z guide to all the places and events in Lourdes that pilgrims will want to experience, tells the engaging story of Bernadette, includes a section of prayers and readings and features other places of interest nearby for extra days out.

  • Sally Martin

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    All in all a most satisfactory summary of what is needful for a visit. This, moreover, is small and friendly enough to give to an agnostic friend who is holidaying in southern France, and thinks they might go and see what it is all about. Encourage them.

    - The Tablet, May 2007


Every Pilgrim's Guide To Lourdes

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