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Eucharist with a small "e"

Author(s): Miriam Winter

ISBN13: 9781570756177

ISBN10: 1570756171

Publisher: ORBIS BOOKS

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  • A fresh way of seeing the grace that is present every time we break bread and share stories with others.

    Imagine a spirituality rooted in doing what Jesus did, writes the author, one that adds a sacramental dimension to our everyday lives. Miriam Therese Winter opens our eyes to a new way of following Christ. eucharist with a small e, like the sacrament itself, was modeled by Jesus and manifests what Jesus is about. It empowers us to continue what Jesus began, to identify with those who are hungry and thirsty, are sick or in prison, and to fill their needs on the spot where were standing because, in truth, we are all one.

  • Miriam Winter

    Miriam Therese Winter is professor of liturgy, worship, and spirituality at Hartford Seminary in Connecticut. A Medical Mission Sister who has served on four continents, she has recorded a dozen music albums, including the classic Joy Is Like the Rain. She is author of several award-winning books, including The Gospel According to Mary, and The Singer and The Song.

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    Winter suggests we reflect on the most memorable meals in our lives and see them as sacramental moments. She wants us to validate the table fellowship of Jesus as authentic eucharist - a time when the Spirit works within us and animates us to give thanks to God, grow in grace, serve others, and be justice and peace in a conflict-torn world. Her emphasis on walking in the Way of Jesus and seeing ourselves as one in the Spirit with others is very salutary in these times.

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    "This book - small and rich - should go a long way in helping people realize the eucharistic aspect of the whole of life."

    - Bernard Cooke, College of the Holy Cross


Eucharist with a small "e"

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