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Ethos and Education in Ireland

ISBN13: 9780820457284

ISBN10: 0820457280

Publisher: PETER LANG AG

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  • Following an outline of the origins of the concept of ethos as it is found in the writings of Aristotle and
    Plato, James Norman examines the Catholic Churchs understanding of ethos in post-Vatican II educational documents and compares this understanding with the Irish Catholic Churchs approach to school ethos. Based on his own experience and research, Norman suggests new possibilities for the development of ethos in Catholic schools.

    James Norman lectures in education and pastoral care at the Mater Dei Institute of Education, Dublin City University, Ireland, where he is Head of Chaplaincy Studies. He has worked in schools at both primary and post-primary level as a chaplain and a teacher and is currently pursuing doctoral studies at the Institute of Education University of London. He received his masters in education from the National University of lreland, Maynooth (NUIM).
  • James O'Higgins Norman

    Dr James O’Higgins Norman is a Senior Lecturer and Researcher, and Director of the National Anti-Bullying Research and Resource Centre at the School of Education Studies, Dublin City University. Previous publications include Ethos and Education in Ireland (2003) and Homophobic Bullying in Irish Secondary Education (2008). His current research is focused on cyberbullying and social media.

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Ethos and Education in Ireland

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