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Eternal Echoes, hardback

Author(s): John O'Donohue

ISBN13: 9780593044933

ISBN10: 0593044932

Publisher: Veritas Warehouse - Ballycoolin D 11

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  • From the author of Anam Cara comes this second installment in a trilogy of Celtic wisdom. In Eternal Echoes, John ODonohue explores the hunger to belong that is at the heart of human nature, a hunger that marks the tension between individual identity and connection to the circle that embraces everything. ODonohue shows us that an inner journey to the "silent depth within us" can enable us to touch the true sense of belonging that allows us to be free, be creative, and enter "the circle of friendship at the heart of creation." Following his popular Anam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom, ODonohue offers a soaring, eloquent meditation on the art of living. In most people, he maintains, an innate, deep-seated hunger for belonging and relatedness is frustrated by our high-pressured, isolating consumerist culture. Distilling guideposts of Celtic spirituality from traditional Irish legends, fairy lore, lyric poetry and Druidic nature-worship, he also tosses into the pot some Zen Buddhism, Jewish mysticism and quotes from Simone Weil, Nietzsche, Yeats, Auden, Neruda, Merleau-Ponty and Romanian philosopher E.M. Cioran. ODonohue invites readers to make their lives a constant pilgrimage of discovery. This, he says, involves freeing oneself from the mental prisons of guilt, rigid belief and self-punishment; learning to embrace ones individuality; and coming to terms with the loss, absence or death of loved ones. Though the writing occasionally gets syrupy, this intense, concentrated inquiry towers above most self-help or New Age fare. It includes pertinent commentary not only on addiction, parenting and music but also on the lure of cults and the resurgence of political tribalism, whether in Northern Ireland, Yugoslavia or Russia. A Catholic scholar who lives by a lake in Ireland, ODonohue has produced a treasury for readers of all faithsa demanding, high-wire existentialist adventure that will inspire readers to re-evaluate their goals and ways of being in the world. ODonohue ends each chapter with a lyrical blessing or prayer, and his book itself is a profound, healing prayer. Agent, Kim Witherspoon.

  • John O'Donohue

    John O'Donohue passed away in January 2008, aged just 52. Recognized by many as one of the most charismatic, inspirational writers of his day, John lived in the solitude of a cottage in the West of Ireland and spoke Gaelic as his native language. The writer David Whyte elegantly described John as 'a serious philosopher, [a] critical take-no-prisoners thinker, the responsible head of a close, extended family, and the courageous, almost sacrificial activist, who with a group of North Burren allies, took on the might of the Irish establishment and won a victory that changed Irish law at a foundational level. This is a man who could hold the broad spectrum of human experience together in a fierce, intimate and compassionate way, leavened with a humour that defies easy description.

    John O'Donohue was awarded a Ph.D. in philosophical theology from the University of Tbingen in 1990. He wrote several major works, including two poetry collections, Echoes of Memory and Conamara Blues, and the international bestsellers, Anam Cara, Eternal Echoes and Divine Beauty.

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Eternal Echoes, hardback

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