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Essentials of the Faith:

A Guide to the Catechism of the Catholic Church

Author(s): Alfred McBride

ISBN13: 9781931709538

ISBN10: 193170953X


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  • A Guide to the Catechism of the Catholic Church

    Father McBrides guided tour of the Catechism has already become a classic. Now this new edition brings it right up to date.

    What makes this book different? Its the way it brings the timeless teachings of the Catechism right into your life today. Reflections, prayers, and daily actions help you live the Christian life we believe in. Father McBride understands that being a Christian means not just knowing, but also doing.

    Accessible, topical, and as timely as todays news, this is the book for anyone who wants to understand the Catechism better - and for anyone who wants to live a more truly Christian life.
  • Alfred McBride

    Alfred McBride, O.Praem., a Norbertine priest, holds a diploma in catechetics from Lumen Vitae, Brussels, and a doctorate in religious education from the Catholic University of America. He presents retreats and workshops throughout the United States, and is featured on numerous television and radio programs. Other books by Fr. McBride include Holding Jesus: Reflections on Mary, the Mother of GodStaying Faithful Today: To God, Ourselves, One Another; and A Priest Forever: Nine Signs of Renewal and Hope.

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Essentials of the Faith:

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