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ISBN13: 9780761949589

ISBN10: 0761949585

Publisher: SAGE

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  • Essential Study Skills is designed to be the complete practical guide to academic success covering everything from what it means to be a university student to how to succeed in exams.

    Whether you are nervous and worried about studying - or someone who is already reasonably happy with their study techniques - this book is designed to develop your potential and build your self-confidence as it takes you through all the stages of producing high quality academic work.

    Essential Study Skills includes information, activities, advice and step-by-step guidelines on: people to see and places to go at college or university; organization and time management; learning and studying; targeted research and active reading; memory and learning style; revision and exam techniques; active, creative and reflective learning; successful notemaking strategies; ways of overcoming fear and building self-confidence; assessment procedures; successful communication techniques; and, the what, why and how of essays, reports, presentations, seminars and exams.

  • Sandra Sinfield

    Tom Burns

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