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Encyclopedia of New Religions

ISBN13: 9780745952192

ISBN10: 0745952194


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  • This book gives readers a comprehensive map of 200 of the most significant new religions and alternative spiritualities to have emerged in the last 100 years. It is written by specialists but with the non-specialist in mind. The groups are categorised according to their religion of origin - those with roots in Judaism (e.g. Havurot Movement, Messianic Judaism), Christianity (e.g. Christian Science, Rastafarianism), Islam (e.g. Bahai), Hinduism (e.g. Sahaja Yoga), Buddism (e.g. Santi Asoke), Sikhism, Japanese religion (e.g. Omoto, Reiki), Chinese religion and philosophy (e.g. Feng Shui), Zoroastrianism, primal or pagan religion (e.g. Shamanism) and western culture (e.g. Scientology, Psychedelic spirituality).

  • Christopher H. Partridge

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Encyclopedia of New Religions

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