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Encountering Depression

Frequently Asked Questions Answered for Christians

Author(s): Andrew Procter

ISBN13: 9780281064724

ISBN10: 0281064725

Publisher: Society for Promoting Christian

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  • ‘Clinical depression is an illness, a medical condition. This means two things. First, we do not need to blame ourselves. Second, we can get better.’

    From Chapter 1


    These encouraging thoughts are the starting point of this compassionate and practical volume. In twenty short chapters, it looks at common questions and worries, such as ‘What is depression?’, ‘Does it run in my family?’, ‘Why doesn’t God heal me?’, ‘Why do I keep thinking of ending it all?’ and ‘How can I help myself?’


    After providing key information on each topic in question, the authors offer engaging real-life stories and quotations, material for reflection drawn from biblical and contemporary sources and a simple exercise to try to help the depressed reader feel better. Carers, friends and relatives of those suffering from depression will also benefit from the book, particularly the chapter entitled ‘What can I do to help?’

  • Andrew Procter

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    I just couldn't put it down! This is a "must have" book. The insights brought by a very experienced priest and counsellor, along with those of a gifted Christian psychiatrist, bring a brilliantly complementary and illuminating approach.'

     - Dr Gareth Tuckwell, CEO of Burrswood Hospital


    `The Procters have provided a treasure house of wisdom which, if taken seriously, could transform many a congregation into a truly empathic community where God's love could permeate into the darkest recesses of the depression experience.'

     - Brian Thorne, Emeritus Professor of Counselling University of East Anglia


Encountering Depression

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