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Earth and Wood

Author(s): David Rhoads

ISBN13: 9780826428288

ISBN10: 0826428282


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  • With temperatures warmer than they have been in decades and major hurricanes and storms occurring with increasing frequency, the fragility of the environment is on everyones mind these days. For centuries, the Christian religion has preached a dominion of the earth, which has turned into one communitys exploitation of the environment in the name of religion. As the sermons in "Earth and Word" demonstrate, a vast portion of the Christian community does not endorse or condone the destruction of the environment in the name of God. This singular collection gathers the voices of many environmentalists, theologians, preachers, and activists who have spoken in support of saving the planet. Included in this collection are compelling and provocative sermons from such influential figures as Wendell Berry, Thomas Berry, John Cobb, William Slone Coffin, Bill McKibben, Sallie McFague, Joseph Sittler, and Barbara Brown Taylor. In each of these sermons, the authors explore the deep relationship between thinking religiously and thinking ecologically. Rhoads has performed a great service in drawing together in one place these timeless and classic sermons on a vital topic for today.
  • David Rhoads

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Earth and Wood

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