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Dyslexia: an Irish Perspective

ISBN13: 1842180959

ISBN10: 9781842180952


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  • This book is written for parents and teachers and adults with dyslexia in an Irish setting. It aims to highlight the importance of recognising dyslexia and dealing with it. Dyslexia is a learning difficulty that may affect up to 10% of the population and is being increasingly recognized by the Department of Education and Science with initiatives such as the Task Force on Dyslexia which reported in 2001 and the publication in 2005 of the CD ROM Understanding Dyslexia.

    The authors come from different disciplines and bring to the book their varied experience and training. Mary Ball is a psychologist working with the Dyslexia Association, Anne Hughes is the Director of the Association for many years and Wyn McCormack is a guidance counsellor and resource teacher at second level. The mix of practical knowledge, professional expertise and teaching experience will, it is hoped, offer information, understanding and advice about the services that are available and how dyslexia can be set in context.

    Topics included in the book are:
    - What is dyslexia?
    - Understanding the assessment
    - Legislation and other provision by the Department of Education and Science
    - How parents can help the child
    - Dyslexia at primary and second level
    - Key educational choices for the student
    - Dyslexia and Maths
    - How computers can help the student

    Dyslexia in adulthood The positive message to people with dyslexia, their families and teachers is that dyslexia is a hurdle that can be overcome with appropriate understanding and support. Acquiring information about dyslexia, putting it in perspective and taking control of the learning situation can turn a potentially damaging disability into a manageable difficulty. It is hoped that this book will, for some, be the first step on the road to that achievement.
  • Ann Hughes

    Mary Ball

    Wyn McCormack

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Dyslexia: an Irish Perspective

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