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Driven To Distraction CD

Author(s): Edward M. Hallowell

ISBN13: 9780743529006

ISBN10: 0743529006


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  • Procrastination. Disorganization. Distractibility. Millions of adults have long considered these the hallmarks of a lack of self-discipline. But for many, these and other problems in school, at work and in social relationships are actually symptoms of an inborn neurological problem: ADD, or Attention Deficit Disorder. Through vivid stories of the experiences of their patients - both adults and children - Dr. Edward R. Hallowell and Dr. John J. Ratey show the varied forms ADD takes, from the hyperactive search for high stimulation to the floating inattention of daydreaming, and the transforming impact of precise diagnosis and treatment. "Driven to Distraction" is a must listen for everyone intrigued by the workings of the human mind.
  • Edward M. Hallowell

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Driven To Distraction CD

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