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Compass: Christian Explorations of Daily Living

ISBN13: 9780800698904

ISBN10: 0800698908

Publisher: Augsbury Fortress

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  • Dreaming is an ordinary practice that weaves the mystery of consciousness into everyday life. On any given night, we can experience lucid visions, nightmares, or prophetic dreams that invite us to see the world differently. Christians are betrothed to a God who dreams. As the book of Genesis unfolds, we find God busily untangling the chaos in the cosmos. On the seventh day, God rests and dreams of worlds that teem with life. We know that God dreams because humans, who are made in God’s image, do as well. This book connects Christian traditions and dream stories to our everyday lives so that we might engage the mysteries of life.
  • Barbara A. Holmes


    Barbara A. Holmes is professor of ethics and African American studies at Memphis Theological Seminary. Her Fortress Press books include Liberation and the Cosmos: Conversations with the Elders (2008) and Joy Unspeakable: Contemplative Practices of the Black Church (2004).


    David H. Jensen

    David H. Jensen is Professor of Constructive Theology at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary. His most recent books are Living Hope: The Future and Christian Faith (2010) and Responsive Labor: A Theology of Work (2006).

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    By reminding us that dreams are the rich loam from which imagination grows and a way that the 'dreaming God' communicates with God's children so taken with their ideologies and fancies, Holmes invites us to the place in which we encounter the holy mystery of God. Deftly bringing into dialogue the science of dreaming and the religious mystery of dreams, as amply born witness to in Scripture and in the witness of the saints, she demonstrates that between them there is no mutual exclusivity. Finally, Holmes's narrations of the church's sublimation of this important means of divine communication and her own family's inhabitation of this richly textured landscape weave a prose shaped, yet poetically infused, work of theology as engaging as it is enlightening. Recommended for college, seminary, and general audiences exploring mysticism and theology.

     - Stephen G. Ray Jr., Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary


    This short book on dreams is part of the Christian Explorations of Daily Living Series and can I just say that I found the subject of dreams to be well worth the exploration. In many ways I think I'd consider this book though more a meditation on dreaming, even though it does have good whistle-stop overview sections that deal with dreams from the angle of scientific analysis, psychotherapy, social and political analysis and biblical perspective too. However the lyricism of the writing joined together with the authors intense personal views, descriptions and family sharings made this feel more like a contemplation piece rather than perhaps a full on exploration. 

    I truly enjoyed reading it - although it must be said I didn't agree with all of it, however I do think it important to point out that although Christian in theme and intent the author does come from a background that admits to a shamanic style element and heritage of 'dream keepers' who are visited and communicate with the deceased and so this might put some off. The only other point worth noting is that it is very much an American book that concludes with a strong call to the American people to truly act on the American dream of one nation under God, that aside though the considerations hold true - after all as the author points out, we all, regardless of nationality, culture or heritage dream.

    Certainly a book worth looking at if you are at all interested in Dreams and Dreaming - and if you aren't then maybe worth looking at to see why we should perhaps give a little more time and credence to dreams.


     - the GoodBookStall



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