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Doors of the Sea

Where Was God in the Tsunami?

Author(s): David Bentley Hart

ISBN13: 9780802829764

ISBN10: 0802829767

Publisher: W.B.Eerdmans

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  • As news reports of the horrific tsunami in Asia reached the rest of the world, commentators were quick to seize upon the disaster as proof either of Gods power or of Gods nonexistence. Expanding on his short piece in the Wall Street Journal, "Tremors of Doubt," David Bentley Hart clarifies the biblical account of Gods goodness, the nature of evil, and the shape of redemption.


    Hart incisively reveals where both Christianitys critics and its champions misrepresent what is most essential to Christian belief. While responding to atheist skeptics, Hart is at his most perceptive and provocative as he examines Christian attempts to rationalize the tsunami disaster. He contends that the history of suffering and death is not simply part of a divine plan that will make sense of evil. Rather than appealing to a divine calculus that can account for every instance of suffering, Christians must recognize the ongoing struggle between the rebellious powers that enslave the world and the God who loves it.


    This meditation by a brilliant young theologian of the Eastern Orthodox tradition will deeply challenge serious readers grappling with Gods ways in a suffering world. 

  • David Bentley Hart

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Doors of the Sea

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