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Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Hardback, Leather


ISBN13: 9781905574025

ISBN10: 1905574029


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  • Probably the most famous book ever written on the Passion, it is actually the transcription of a series of visions by a great mystic and stigmatist recently beatified by the Church. Full of fascinating details concerning every aspect of the Passion, the Last Supper, the Descent into Hell, Our Lady, the Apostles and the people, places and cultural background surrounding these momentous events - many of them verified by recent scholarship - this book was a powerful influence on Mel Gibsons film The Passion of the Christ. One of the most powerful devotional books in all of Christian Literature.

  • Anne Catherine Emmerich

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    [Emmerichs] visions go into details, often slight, which give them a vividness that strongly holds the readers interest as one graphic scene follows another in rapid succession as if visible to the physical eye. Other mystics are more concerned with ideas, she with events; others stop to meditate aloud and to guide the readers thoughts, she lets the facts speak for themselves with the simplicity, brevity, and security of a Gospel narrative.

    - Catholic Encyclopedia


Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Hardback, Leather

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