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Do You Want a Friend?

Author(s): Noel Piper

ISBN13: 9781433506215

ISBN10: 1433506211

Publisher: Inter Varsity Press IVP

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  • A sweet story that helps children ages 3, 7 recognize that potential friends are all around them, while reinforcing that Jesus is the best friend of all.

    For any adult who ever wanted to introduce kids to the friendship of Jesus, No?½l Pipers sequel to Most of All, Jesus Loves You! is a wonderful choice.

    The story begins with a little boy whose family has just moved to a new place. As he sits on his front steps calling out for friends, he is surrounded by a diversity of would-be friends, up and down the street, in windows, around corners; he just cant see them yet. Before long, though, he finds them and they find him.

    Then the story broadens: Do you want a friend too?, a friend who loves you? comforts you when you are sad or sick? helps you know God? makes you happy? forgives you when you do something wrong? will save you from danger? Pointing to Jesus as the only one who cares for us in all these ways, all the time, this colorfully illustrated book helps three- to seven-year-olds recognize Jesus as the best friend of all.

  • Noel Piper

    SNoël Piper and her husband, John, have ministered since 1980 at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They have five sons and a daughter. Noël grew up in Georgia and is a graduate of Wheaton College.Growing up, Gail Schoonmaker loved to draw pictures depicting the songs and stories she heard in church. She earned a B.A. in art from Wheaton College and makes her home in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood with her husband, Keith, and their four children.

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Do You Want a Friend?

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