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Do This In Memory of Me

Holy Communion Cd-554

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  • Commissioned by Christ Lutheran Church in Charlotte, North Carolina, Do This in Memory of Me has already been recognized as a remarkable communion setting. The melodic, contemporary music is classic Haas and includes traditional Lutheran texts as well as some adaptations and original texts. From the opening hymn and sung intercessions to the Great Thanksgiving and closing song, Do This in Memory of Me offers a complete service to be used in full or as individual parts.

    Music has always brought Christians together, and since the Second Vatican Council, Protestants and Catholics also share the texts of the Gloria, the Eucharistic Acclamations, and the Lamb of God, among others. Do This in Memory of Me is yet another glorious example of this musical "tie that binds" all Christians together. Protestants and Catholics alike can use this music to make a joyful noise!

    1. Gathering Hymn/Kyrie: In Christ Called To Worship
    2. This Is The Feast
    3. Glory To God
    4. Psalm 36: The Fountain Of All Life
    5. Psalm 24: Reach Toward Heaven
    6. Psalm 97: Our God Is Here
    7. Psalm 69: If You Love Me
    8. Psalm 4: Enlighten Our Eyes
    9. Gospel Acclamation: Lord, to Whom Shall We Go?
    10. Lenten Gospel Acclamation: Return to the Lord
    11. Intercessions: Remember Your Mercies
    12. As The Grains Of Wheat
    13. Holy, Holy
    14. Christ Has Died
    15. Amen
    16. Lamb Of God/Communion Song: Do This In Memory of Me
    17. Canticle Of Simeon: Now, O Lord, Dismiss Your Servants

  • David Haas

    David Haas resides in Eagan, Minnesota, where he is director of The Emmaus Center for Music, Prayer and Ministry and serves as campus minister / artist-in-residence at Benilde-St. Margaret's High School in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, where he also teaches in the theology and music departments. Highly regarded as one of the preeminent liturgical music composers in the English-speaking world, he has produced more than 45 collections of original music. His liturgical works are sung and prayed throughout the world and appear in hymnals of many Christian denominations and in many languages. A native of Bridgeport, Michigan, and the Diocese of Saginaw, Michigan, David is a 1975 graduate of Bridgeport High School and studied vocal music performance, piano, and conducting at Central Michigan University. He completed his studies in music performance, liturgy, and theology at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul. Presently an active member of St. Cecilia Church in St. Paul, he formerly served as director of music and liturgy at Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in Ankeny, Iowa and The Church of St. Thomas Aquinas in St. Paul Park, Minnesota as well as being composer-in-residence at St. Thomas the Apostle Church in Minneapolis. From 1985-1988 he was an adjunct instructor and composer-in-residence at the St. Paul Seminary School of Divinity in St. Paul, during which time he was very active internationally in writing, composing, and presenting workshops and seminars on the implementation of the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults. During these years, David was part of what is commonly referred to as the Minnesota School in collaboration with two of his colleagues, Michael Joncas and Marty Haugen, in producing some of the most popular and effective music for the Church's worship that has appeared in the days following the Second Vatican Council.

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Do This In Memory of Me

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