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Dive Deeper

The Human Poetry of Faith

ISBN13: 9780232524086

ISBN10: 0232524084


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  • If we are to reach people with the Christian vision we must abandon our tired religious languages. The starting point lies further back: in the ordinary dramas of everyday life, in friendship, failure, suffering and solitude. Michael Paul Gallagher uses personal stories, references to contemporary novels and films, and extraordinary imaginary dialogues to show how things of God can be found in the unlikeliest corners of the contemporary world. 'My hope', he writes, 'is to awaken the sleeping beauty of our wonder so that we can be more ready for the greater wonder that is Jesus Christ.'

  • Michael Paul Gallagher

    Michael Paul Gallagher wrote several books on faith and contemporary culture, including Faith Maps, Clashing Symbols and Dive Deeper. He was a lecturer in modern literature at University College Dublin before going to Rome where he was rector of the Bellarmino College and professor of fundamental theology at the Gregorian University. He died in November 2015.

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    'Wise and daring, Dive Deeper is a book full of extraordinary surprises. I read it slowly, as it seemed to ask of me, savouring the strange encounters and eavesdropping on the imaginary conversations between Jane Austen and D.H. Lawrence, George Eliot and Flannery O'Connor, and Nietzsche and Thérèse of Lisieux as if seated alone at the next table in a cafe. They provide a startling angle of vision, causing you to pause and reconsider, ultimately revealing both the spiritual richness of literature, and of humanity itself.'

    - Niall Williams, author of Four Letters of Love and As it is in Heaven

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Dive Deeper

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