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Disrupting Homelessness

Alternative Christian Approaches

Author(s): Laura Stivers

ISBN13: 9780800697976

ISBN10: 0800697979

Publisher: Fortress Press

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  • Disrupting Homelessness unmasks the futile assumptions of our present approaches to homelessness and suggests ways in which Christians and Christian communities can create a prophetic social movement to end poverty and homelessness.


    The American dream, as conveyed by the media, includes owning a home. Increasingly, people are homeless or precariously housed because of joblessness, foreclosure, or dislocation. Ecclesial responses to homelessness and housing vary. Some Christian organizations focus on fixing the person and the behaviors that contribute to homelessness. Others promote home ownership for low–income households.


    Employing a disruptive Christian ethics, Laura Stivers criticizes both approaches, outlines an advocacy approach for churches to address the multiple causes of homelessness, and calls us to make a home for all in God's just and compassionate community.

  • Laura Stivers

    Laura Stivers is Associate Professor of Ethics and the Chair of the Philosophy and Religion Department at Dominican University of California.

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    "A thoughtful analysis of how communities of faith can respond to the tragic problem of homelessness in our country while empowering the voices and perspectives of people who experience homelessness firsthand. Strivers's approach channels the urge among concerned religious people for compassionate engagement with the problem into a power–reflexive mode of action. She calls for solutions grounded in relationships of justice between poor people and those who are not poor." —Dennis Culhane Professor of Social Policy University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia


Disrupting Homelessness

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