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Disputed Truth: Memoirs, Volume 2


Author(s): Hans Kung

ISBN13: 9781441180285

ISBN10: 1441180281


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  • Hans Kung has been a major influence on post-war Christianity by any reckoning. A peritus for the Second Vatican Council, he then went on to publish a number of controversial books including Infallible? which enraged the Vatican and caused him to be unceremoniously dumped from his official teaching position at the University of Tubingen. However, he remains a respected priest in good standing with his bishop.

    During all the upheavals that the Catholic Church has gone through in recent decades, Kung was always there with a public comment. He turned from enfant terrible to bete noire. However his world influence has been great. Whether speaking at The United Nations or consorting with politicians and religious leaders, he is always listened to with respect and enthusiasm. A string of recent books has added to the reputation - notably On Being a Christian and Does God Exist?

    It is not so well known that as a young man Kung was a close friend and confidant of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (Benedict XVI). Increasingly, however, they came to represent exactly what the other most despised. But on being appointed to the Holy See, Ratzinger had a long private meeting with Kung, the consequences of which may still last.

    In these thrilling memoirs Kung gives his personal account of all these struggles and ambitions. The result is a book of major importance for any student of the Church in the 20th Century.

    This second volume covers the period following the close of the Second Vatican Council right up to the present day.

    Table of Contents

    How I Tell My Life Story
    1. Two Careers - the Same Wavelength
    2. Roman Provocations
    3. 1968 Year of Decisions
    4. Tubingen in Tumultuous Times
    5. Infallible?
    6. Global Trip and Global Theology
    7. Battle for Truth or Power
    8. The Adventure of a Book
    9. Problems of Heirarchy and Problems of the World
    10. 1978 The Year of Three Popes
    11. The Great Confrontation
    12. Roma locuta - causa finita est
    13. Prospect

  • Hans Kung

    Hans Kung was born in 1928 in Switzerland. He is Emeritus Professor of Ecumenical Theology in the University of Tubingen and President of the World Ethic Foundation. Continuum have published the two volumes of his autobiography - My Struggle for Freedom and Disputed Truth.

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    Many will be fascniated by a blow-by-blow account of Kungs struggle with the vatican, and for the insight the book gives into the man himself.

    - Catholic Herald

    "Kungs great strength lies in the sheer weight of his scholarship, his openness to evidence, and his passion for truth."

    - Church Times

    "A book which makes absorbing reading for anyone interested in the course of 20th century Catholic history or the development of modern theology."

    - Church of England Newspaper

    "On the evidence of this book, Professor Kung is a just and congenial guide in this post-Vatican II age."

    - Renew

    "Brilliantly written in snappy style and full of vim."

    - The Pastoral Review

    This volume begins with Kóng as a young theologian making his mark at Vatican II and ends with the Vatican taking away his credentials as a Catholic theologian. As with virtually all memoirs, this is an exercise in self-justification. Kóng offers his account of his decades-long struggle with the Vatican and in particular with Joseph Ratzinger, who went on to become Pope Benedict XVI. Kóng likes a good fight, and his account of his theological skirmishes makes for engaging reading.

    - The Christian Century,


Disputed Truth: Memoirs, Volume 2

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