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Discipleship Study Bible

Author(s): Bruce C. Birch

ISBN13: 9780664223717

ISBN10: 0664223710

Publisher: Westminster/John Knox Press

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  • The first completely new NRSV study Bible in five years!

    People today are hungry for the Bible, hoping to find meaning for their own journeys of life and faith. The Discipleship Study Bible is the perfect compass for the journey.

    Some study Bibles help the reader understand the ancient texts while others focus on the life application of the texts for today. The Discipleship Study Bible brings these together in one indispensable book for reference and discipleship.

    It features introductory essays to each book of the Bible by top-notch contemporary Bible scholars, the complete text of the New Revised Standard Version, including Apocrypha, a timeline, 16 pages of color maps, descriptions and notes within the text, and a concise concordance.

    The annotations in this study Bible give particular emphasis to discerning scriptural guidance for living together in community. Such living encompasses but is not limited to personal piety. The biblical text has an inescapable social dimension and this study Bible demonstrates attentiveness to the public and communal meanings and implications of the biblical text, including the social justice and social witness dimensions of Scripture.

    The Discipleship Study Bible will provide:

    - a focus on discipleship that is based on the scholarship and inclusive language of the NRSV.
    - a concentration on social justice - acts of Christian care and concern for all Gods people and Gods entire world.
    - a concentration on personal piety - Christian acts of personal response to Scripture.

    The Discipleship Study Bible will include:

    - the complete text of the NRSV, including the Aprocrypha
    - extensive introduction and annotations for each biblical book, including the Apocrypha, from a group of distinguished biblical scholars.
    - essential historical, sociocultural, literary, and theological issues valuable in understanding each biblical book.
    - annotations for each biblical book that address the whole range of the Christian life - spiritual and social, personal and communal.
    - a concise chronology of events and literature in and surrounding Ancient Israel and Early Christianity.
    - a concise concordance.
    - color maps.
  • Bruce C. Birch

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    'Contemporary disciples of Jesus hunger for a better understanding of the biblical word. Now, with The Discipleship Study Bible, we have the equipment we need to be more faithful disciples. A wise team of editors and writers have produced a study Bible that is focused on the actual living of the faith in our daily lives. This is a wonderful resource for todays church.'

    - Will Willimon, Bishop, The United Methodist Church

    'The Discipleship Study Bible is a new, relevant resource for people who want to think about our complex world from a biblical perspective. It is filled with insights that will help busy pastors and laypeople alike see more clearly the connections between the biblical text and the way we are called to live as Christians.'

    - Rev. John Buchanan, Editor and Publisher of The Christian Century and Pastor of Fourth Presbyterian Church in Chicago

    "A most valuable resource. Featuring our most able interpreters, this study Bible will assuredly bring about a much better informed readership for the Bible, a welcome prospect!"

    - Rev. Walter Brueggemann, Willliam Marcellus McPheeters Professor Emeritus of Old Testament, Columbia Theological Seminary

    "This new study Bible makes a wealth of contemporary scholarship available to the average reader... An important addition to everyones library '

    - Rev. Cynthia M. Campbell, President, McCormick Theological Seminary


Discipleship Study Bible