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Direction for Our Times Vol 3

Author(s): Anne A Lay Apostle

ISBN13: 9780976684121

ISBN10: 0976684128

Publisher: Veritas Warehouse - Ballycoolin D 11

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  • In Part One, God the Father communicates to His souls upon the earth, both those who are with Him, and those who are against Him. Readers of this Volume are invariably struck by His awe-inspiring tone of unquestionable authority, His unlimited intelligence and His justice, which is tempered by unlimited mercy and love.

    In Part Two, Mary speaks to priests and bishops about the need to prepare for coming events. She calls for a joyous renewal of priestly devotion and piety. She pleads for a renewed devotion to daily Mass, Confession and the Rosary, calling them essential tools for the times. "Let us step with courage into the room of your vocation and make certain that all is where it should be."

    Direction For Our Times is a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading the eight-book collection entitled The Volumes. These books were given to Anne, a lay apostle, through a process known as interior locution. Many who read these books are discovering a renewal of faith and love that is changing their lives forever. It is a change in direct line with Gods plan, implemented in one soul at a time.

    As you experience the graces, the wisdom, and the direction in these Volumes, you will understand that God is moving us from an Age of Disobedience to an Age of Obedience. Jesus is indeed returning, and in these initial stages, He returns through you and through others. This process is profound in its scope and divine in its origin.

    Many souls hear of spiritual renewals and feel that it would be impossible that God could be asking them for help. Many consider their past lives or their current lives and turn away, certain that they are of no use to the Kingdom. We assure you, dear brother or sister, that this mission is for you and Jesus Christ Himself is asking for your help.

    Remember that Saul...St. Paul...changed from being a ruthless persecutor of Christians to spreading the Word as Christs most dedicated champion and defender. St. Paul experienced the love of Christ and then went out into the world and loved others. Jesus needs you to do that, too. The story of these Volumes is not just about the words but the grace that flows into your soul as you read them. You will be touched and you will be changed. You will be called.

    Dear souls of the Kingdom, you are called to service. You know this. You have heard My call and rested in My anguish. I want to talk to you about your duty.
  • Anne A Lay Apostle

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Direction for Our Times Vol 3

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