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Desire, Love and the Rule of St. Benedict

Author(s): Andrew Clitherow

ISBN13: 9780281059980

ISBN10: 0281059985

Publisher: Society for Promoting Christian

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  • Christians often hope - even expect - their faith will make a radical difference to the way they think and behave. But the truth is that many of us struggle to live up to the very high standards we set ourselves. And when expectations are not fulfilled, disillusionment and frustration can quickly undermine the assurance Christ longs to be ours.Drawing on the Rule of St Benedict, Andrew Clitherow explores our desires in relation to the sometimes unpredictable nature of love, and suggests ways in which we might come to terms with our humanity and divinity. He offers suggestions for practical exercises and prayers to help us reflect on the interplay between desire and love as the basis of a new way of life.This down to earth approach - where love is sought above even institutional concerns - enables us to discard the facade we sometimes hide behind, in order to be ourselves in Christ in a changing church and society.


    We cannot expect our pursuit of radical love to make any significant difference to our lives when we understand it in terms of good manners or being personable with others. For divine love works at the heart of life and in human beings it challenges us to recognize and come to terms with the ways in which our natural desires either conflict or co-operate with the love of God.
  • Andrew Clitherow

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Desire, Love and the Rule of St. Benedict

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