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Depressive Illness

The Curse of the Strong

Author(s): Tim Cantopher

ISBN13: 9781847092359

ISBN10: 1847092357

Publisher: Sheldon Press (20 Sep 2012)

Extent: 128 pages

Binding: Paperback

Size: 21.2 x 13.6 x 1 cm

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  • If you have depression, it's important to remember first that you are not alone, and second that you are much stronger than you think. Don't blame yourself, says Dr Cantopher in the new edition of this bestselling book.


    People with depression so often struggle on - dealing with pressures and stresses that others would refuse to take on - until physically they can take no more.


    Dr Cantopher shows that depression can be the body's way of `blowing a fuse', and explains that it's a physical illness, from which recovery is possible. This warm, supportive book presents up-to-date, effective ways to overcome depression.


    Topics include:


     - research into the mechanics of depressive illness

     - the transmitter chemicals and hormones thought to be involved

     - medical treatments that work

     - lifestyle measures such as good rest, better sleep and diet

     - problem-solving skills including mindfulness


    Take comfort from the fact that there is meaning in this illness, and getting better is a real option.

  • Tim Cantopher

    Dr Tim Cantopher studied at University College, London and University College Hospital. he trained as a psychiatrist at St James' Hospital, Portsmouth and St George's Hospital Medical School. He has been a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists since 1983 and was elected fellow of the college in 1999. He worked as a consultant psychiatrist with the Priory Group of Hospitals from 1993 until his retirement from clinical practice in 2015. This is Dr Cantopher's fourth book, and he has published a number of research projects across the field of psychiatry. Dr Cantopher is married with three children. He is the author of Depressive Illness: The Curse of the Strong (2003, 2006), Stress-Related Illness (2007) and Dying for a Drink (2011).

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    'If the response to his Radio 2 broadcast is anything to go by, Tim Cantopher is saying something uniquely powerful to people with depression. People affected by depression tell me this is the most powerful and helpful book ever written about the topic. I keep meeting people who say this book changed their lives.'


     - Jeremy Vine, BBC Radio 2


    'This book should be read by everybody but especially by those who are affected by depression, whether they be carer, medical professional or just someone interested in this destructive illness ... It offers invaluable insight into depression and promotes a level of self-awareness, which if heeded could keep many of us a lot healthier.'


     - Depression Alliance


Depressive Illness

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