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Denominational Education and Politics

Ireland in a European Context

Author(s): David Tuohy

ISBN13: 9781847304322

ISBN10: 184730432X

Publisher: Veritas

Extent: 350 pages

Binding: Paperback

Size: 23.4 x 15.6 x 2.8 cm

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  • The debate about school patronage and denominational education is a complex, and at times, confusing one. This book looks at the issues surrounding Church patronage, and examines the political approach to reframing the present system.


    David Tuohy looks at the separation of Church and State in the political context of Europe, before returning to Ireland to explore the debate in more detail. Taking practical solutions from Europe, along with theoretical concepts of political philosophy, he applies them to the Irish debate and in doing so, lays out the framework in which current challenges to education are positioned.


    This is a timely and relevant study of denominational education, and will be of interest to anyone seeking to understand the wider issues surrounding the current debate.

  • David Tuohy

    David Tuohy is a Jesuit priest and the former project director of Le Chéile, a trust set up by twelve religious congregations for their schools. He is also the academic advisor to the School Development Planning Initiative. He has worked in the US, Australia and East Africa and has taught in both UCD and NUI, Galway. He has published widely in the area of teacher and leader development.

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    Tuohy has a background in education, having worked in the USA, Australia and East Africa before teaching in UCD and NUI Galway. He was project director for Le Cheile, a trust set up by twelve religious congregations for their schools, and academic advisor to the school development planning initiative. Written in response to the current debate over the patronage and ethos of schools brought about by the Department of Education's initiative regarding multi-denominational schools.Tuohy considers the complexities of the issue in Ireland and elsewhere. He examines the concepts and principles involved in denominational education, discusses how it operates in other parts of Europe and looks at its history in Ireland before coming to conclusions on the pros and cons of religiously orientated education.


    Books Ireland, Summer 2013


    David Tuohy's richly informative and thoughtful book will go a long way to informing the education debate in a calm and sensible direction, allowing diversity to have respect, while preventing the state from overwhelming us all with a fixed identity.


    Peter Costello, Irish Catholic, 23 May 2013

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