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Defenders of the Faith in Word and Deed

Author(s): Charles OConnor

ISBN13: 9780898709681

ISBN10: 0898709687

Publisher: IGNATIUS PRESS ($)

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  • Defenders of the faith have been raised up in every era of the Church to proclaim fidelity to the truth by their words and deeds. Some have fought heresy and overcome confusion like Athanasius against the Arians and Ignatius Loyola in response to the Protestant reformers. Others have shed their blood for the faith, like the early Christian martyrs of Rome, or Thomas More, John Fisher and Edmund Campion in Reformation England.

    Still others have endured a dry martyrdom like St. Philip Howard, Cardinal Joseph Mindszenty and Jesuit Walter Ciszek. Intellectuals have been no less conspicuous in their zealous defense of the faith, like Bonaventure, Albert, Thomas Aquinas, or Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger. The stories of all these,and more, are told here in this book.

  • Charles OConnor

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    'The holiness, heroism, and perseverance of the men and woman described by Fr. OConnor will inspire and instruct readers defending the Catholic Faith in every sort of situation. Each chapter is a well-crafted portrait filled with historical detail, theological insight, and lessons about living and spreading the Gospel in trying times. A seamless combination of history, biography, apologetics, and evangelization.'

    - Carl Olson Author, Will Catholics Be "Left Behind"?


Defenders of the Faith in Word and Deed

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