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Decoding Da Vinci

Facts behind the Da Vinci Code

Author(s): Amy Welborn

ISBN13: 9781592761012

ISBN10: 1592761011


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  • When released in 2003, the Da Vinci Code was all over the media. Its was on the minds and in the conversations of many Catholics and non-Catholics alike. Now there is a resource to answer all the questions and help readers understand the difference between fact and fiction.

    De-Coding Da Vinci: The Facts behind the Fiction of The Da Vinci Code, a book by Amy Welborn, addresses the misrepresentation of history, religion and art in The Da Vinci Code. Did Leonardo actually build these codes into his paintings? Was the Priory of Sion a real organization? Is the Holy Grail really, as he says, Mary Magdalenes womb and now her bones, and not the Last Supper cup? Is Opus Dei really what The Da Vinci Code says it is? What was Constantines true role in early Christianity? Was Jesus human or divine or both? Was He married to Mary Magdalene? Do secret writings not in the Bible really contain truths about Jesus, Mary Magdalene and the sacred feminine?

    Complete with discussion questions in every chapter, this is the perfect book to accurately answer questions as well as inspire further faithful discussion and conversation among peers. It can be used either as a personal resource to expand ones knowledge of the issues raised by The Da Vinci Code or to lead a discussion for a book club, a parish faith community or to discuss with friends whove read the book and have questions that need to be answered.

  • Amy Welborn

    Amy Welborn has written for Our Sunday Visitor, Catholic News Service, Beliefnet, the New York Times, and Commonweal. She has five children and lives in Birmingham, Alabama.

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Decoding Da Vinci